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Our Mission: to balance between academic, mental, physical, and athletic discipline through achievements in competitive archery,

Our main adversaries? Ourselves.  Bellator Mentium means battle of the minds.  We compete for excellence, but ultimately we are on a journey to develop ourselves to be outstanding, kind citizens, seeking to contribute to the world around us our very best. 

Archery connects us to something truly universally human.  By dedication to the sport, we honor heritage; by understanding that improving in it never ends, we stay humble and kind.

As BM Archers, we engage in the daily world with direction, dedication, discipline, and artistry, just as the arrows that we carry in our quivers and strike our targets.

The Team

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Jesus G.

Role: Director and Coach
Email: jgaytan@tianguissapientiae.org

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Role: Lead Archer

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Role: Team Captain

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Role: Archer, Coach

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Role: Archer, Coach

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Role: Jr. Archer Lead

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Role: Jr. Archer

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Role: Executive Sponsor

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